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Induction Training for Newly Joined Faculty Members-Spring 2019
January 02, 2019 to January 02, 2019 [ 9:00 AM to 04:00 PM ]
Room No. 206

Newly Joined Faculty Members of UIU Fall-2018 & Spring-2019

1. Name: Mr. Adel Mostaque Ahmed

Department: School of Business & Economics (SoBE)

2. Name: Mr. Fahim Shahriar (FmSh)

Department: CSE

3. Name: Mr. Fahim Anzum (FmAm)

Department: Dept. of CSE

4. Name: Mr. Khondoker Nazmoon Nabi (KhNN)

Department: Institute of Natural Sciences (INS)

5. Name: Ms. Maliha Tasmiah Noushin (MTN)

Deaprtment: Institute of Natural Sciences (INS)

6. Name: Mr. Ahmed Imran Kabir (AIK)

Department: School of Business & Economics (SoBE)

7. Name: Prof. Dr. AJM Sufian (AJMS)

Department: School of Business & Economics (SoBE)

8. Name: Dr. Wahida Yasmeen (WYn)

Department: School of Business & Economics (SoBE)

9. Name: Dr. Md. Saddam H. Mukta (SHM)

Department:  Dept. of CSE

10. Name: Ms. Fariba Tabassum Islam (FTI)

Department:  Dept. of CSE

11. Name: Mr. Chowdhury R. Rahman (CRR)

Department:  Dept. of CSE

12. Name: Mr. S.M. Shovan (SMSn)

Department:  Dept. of CSE 

13. Name: Dr. Md. Kamrul Hasan Asst.

Department: ELI