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Training on “Customer Service Management”
May 05, 2018 to May 05, 2018
Room 425

Administrative Personnel of UIU

Resource Person(S)
  • Ashfaq Zaman, CPA, President of LEAD
  • Anwar Ehteshan, Head of Barnding and Communications- Dhaka BAnk
  • Md. Mayen Uddin, Manager, Training & Development -bKash Limited
  • Yahia Amin- CEO of LEAD

The workshop is designed to achieve the following.

   §   Build up of motivation and positive energy towards customer satisfaction

   §   Deeper understanding of the psychological aspect of the client/ customer

   §   Personal skills development & capacity building

   §   Improved customer service skills

   §   Removal of the communication barriers

   §   Better KPI (Key Performance Indicator) fulfillment

   §   Increase in the overall approval rate

   §   Brand development for the organization/ institution

   §   Increased customer satisfaction