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Workshop on "Program vision, mission, objective, outcome & graduate profile with bloom's taxonomy"
November 14, 2015 [10:00AM to 4:30 PM]
Room 313

All Professors, Dean, Head, Deputy Director, Coordinator,SAC of both SoBE&SoSE

Resource Person(S)

Dr. M. Mozahar Ali, Professor & Director of Graduate Training Institute, Bangladesh Agriculture University, Mymensingh.

The objectives of this workshop are to:

1.      Discuss on the scope of Bloom’s Taxonomy.

2.      Explain ‘UGC framework for developing program vision, mission objectives and outcomes’ and share best practices in the world.

3.      Explain ‘UGC framework for developing graduate profile’ and share best practices in the world.

The Intended Outcomes of the workshop are as follows:

1)      Developing vision and mission of each program entity.

2)      Developing objectives and outcomes of each program entity.

3)      Developing graduate profile of each program entity.

4)      Designing a curriculum plan aligned on aforementioned intended outcomes.